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GBWhatsapp is 100% SAFE, with its security verified by multiple virus & malware detection engines. You can also scan every update through these platforms, and enjoy GBWhatsapp with no worry!



GB Whatsapp is your Best Extra Feature of the official Whatsapp app. it's also Called GBWA, GBWhatsapp is The original Whatsapp Modded Version With the Best Features, It's 100% Free For Every Android user. Enjoy this App Ever.


Hide Online Status
Hide Online Status
Airplane Mode
Airplane Mode
Status Download
Status Download
Auto Reply
Auto Reply
Media Sharing
Media Sharing

Auto Reply

In the premium version of GB WhatsApp people will be able to set the Auto reply. So if you are an office worker, you can select some of the replies and this app will give you the options to reply with the saved answer. 

Auto Reply

Hide status view

If you are avoiding any person and watching their status then it can lead to serious consequences. To avoid such a situation we recommend you get GBWhatsApp because it will help you to hide your status view. 

Hide Status View

Customizable Settings

The GB WhatsApp Premium Apk link is available in this article and it will provide you with all the features that are described above. You can easily use this for business purposes with customizable settings and can also share your details on Facebook. But you have to pay money in order to get the premium version of GB WhatsApp on your device. 

Customizable Settings


1 How can I create Avatar with the help of GB WhatsApp? 
You can create an Avatar by going to the settings of GB WhatsApp. There you will see an option for Avatar and you can click on it to start creating it. 
2 Can I lock the GB WhatsApp APK? 
Yes, you can apply a lock on the GB WhatsApp APK. You can even use your fingerprint to lock your app. 

GB WhatsApp APK

We all have to deal with a lot of contacts on a daily basis but we do not have the time to reply to everyone. In such situations, people head toward the GB WhatsApp app. It provides a lot of advantages to introverts because it will help them to avoid unwanted contact with people. 

You can use this app to hide your online status so that nobody will be able to know that you are using WhatsApp. Currently, it also comes with a blue tick Hider so even if you have read the message the other person will not be able to know. And for more convenience, you can even watch the WhatsApp status of other people without them knowing. 

These are the reasons that GB WhatsApp has become the number one choice of all the people around. Other than these features, all the other features of  GB WhatsApp are the same as the regular ones. You can send text messages to anyone and can also receive them, send pictures, apply for status and do all the regular things on this app.

Get GB WhatsApp APK Now! 

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is in the daily routine of every person but not everyone is willing to use this app because it lets other people know if they are using the app or not.

In such situations, GB WhatsApp will really help you to hide your activities from your friends. It will let you hide your blue ticks and your online status and it will also allow you to download the status of your friends without them knowing. 

If you work online and need a group of a hundred or thousand people then you can easily create this group with the help of GB WhatsApp because in this version there are no limits. 

Why do people prefer GB WhatsApp? 

The main reason that people are now more dependent on GB WhatsApp is that they can hide their online activities from their friends. Nobody likes to be watched every time and WhatsApp contains features that will let everyone know about your activities on WhatsApp.

This is the reason that people like GBWhatsApp more because it helps you to hide your online activities, your online status, and the blue tick as well. 

Features of GB WhatsApp APK 

Send unlimited pictures 

GB WhatsApp allows you to select unlimited pictures at a time; it is not like the regular WhatsApp in which you can only select 20 pictures at a time. 

Hide your activities 

If you are avoiding any person and do not want to reply to them then you can simply hide your online status and in this way, nobody will be able to know whether you are using WhatsApp or not. 

Remove Last Seen

There is a feature in WhatsApp that lets other people know about the last time you are online. This can cause serious consequences for people and if you want to avoid these things then you can simply use GB WhatsApp to remove your last scene. 

Save Pictures 

 WhatsApp has now removed the feature of downloading the profile pictures of our contacts. But if you still want to get these pictures then you can use GB WhatsApp to download them. 


Voice Calls 

Like the regular version of WhatsApp, it also allows you to make voice calls. But if you want to make conference calls then you can utilize GB WhatsApp because it will help you to add unlimited members to your call. 

Conference video calls

You will also be able to add unlimited members in your video calls like you do on the zoom calls and can easily share your activities with your friends.

Send heavy files 

WhatsApp has a limit of MBs that you can send to your friends. For example, if you want to send an application then it will not allow you to do so. But in GBWhatsApp, there are no such restrictions. You can easily send heavy files to your friends. 

Read deleted messages 

Whenever someone deletes the sent messages we always wonder what was written in it. But with the help of GB WhatsApp, you do not have to worry about this because you will be able to read the deleted messages as well. 

Download status 

This app will also let you download the status of your friends. Most of the time it happens that we like a particular video but WhatsApp does not allow us to download it. But GBWhatsApp will give you a download option. 

Block Contacts 

Like the regular version of WhatsApp, you will also be able to block unwanted contacts on WhatsApp. In this way, they will not be able to see your profile picture and they will not be able to contact you as well

Features of GB WhatsApp Premium APK 

Create Avatar 

Like the new updates in WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp premium will also allow you to create your avatar. But in the regular version, the options are very limited but in this version, you will be able to get unlimited options that will help you to create your avatar. 

Custom Stickers 

You will be able to get custom stickers depending on Avatar that you have created but in this premium version, you have the authority to create as many stickers as you want and you can create your own stickers depending on different situations. 

Custom Themes 

This app also contains custom themes rather than the default and black theme of WhatsApp. You can add any patterned theme to your WhatsApp account and you will also be able to use your pictures as themes. 

Connect with Facebook 

You can easily connect your WhatsApp account with your Facebook account. In this way, all your Facebook contacts can interact with you through your WhatsApp and you will also be able to copy the status that you have posted on WhatsApp to Facebook as well. 

No word limits 

There is a limit of words in the regular version of WhatsApp and you cannot add extra words to your status. But with the help of GB WhatsApp Premium apk, you can even add a whole menu of your firm to your status so that anyone can know about it. 

What are the benefits of GB WhatsApp Premium APK? 

The benefit of GB WhatsApp premium is that people will be able to get some advanced features in this version along with the features that are already available in GB WhatsApp. People can easily contact their Facebook friends and they will also be able to create custom stickers for different situations. 

This app suggests the Auto reply and you can also select the particular type of reply that you want to send to your friends.

Does GB WhatsApp Premium APK contain the Privacy Settings?

GB WhatsApp premium contains all the privacy settings that will help you to protect your personal information from others. It contains the fingerprint option that will help you to secure all your chats from the invaders. You will also be able to create archive chats to hide them from people. 

It also contains a status filter which means you can easily select the people who will be able to see your status. GB WhatsApp premium will not share any of your personal information with Facebook without your permission so you do not have to worry about it as well.


GB WhatsApp is really helpful for people for their daily use. But now with the help of GB WhatsApp premium, you can easily use this app for business purposes as well. It will help you to link your account with Facebook so that you can easily expand your business.